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McAfee Transition Plan

Recently, Intel® Security announced they were retiring a large number of McAfee® SaaS security services, including email protection and continuity services currently sold by Intermedia within our McAfee Email Defense Suite.  Since then Intermedia has been diligently evaluating replacement options for you and your customers and we are happy to tell you more about the replacement service, advanced email security.  Learn more with this FAQ:


Q:  What is advanced email security?

A:  Advanced email security is Intermedia’s proprietary email security solution.  Like McAfee, advanced email security leverages multiple anti-spam and anti-virus engines along with heuristic and Bayesian filtering to provide layers of protection against modern threats.


Q: What are the features of advanced email security?

A:  Advanced email security features include:

  • Multi-layer spam and anti-virus protection
  • IP and URL defense
  • Company-wide white and black lists
  • 24/7 threat monitoring
  • Attachment filtering


Q:  Will black and white lists be controllable by end users?

A:  End users will be able to leverage white/black list controls from within their Outlook® clients.


QWill advanced email security have Email Authentication options like SPF, TLS or DKIM available?

A: Not currently, but we expect those capabilities to be available soon.


Q:  What about Data Loss Prevention + Email Continuity services or ClickProtect?  When will those features be available?

A: Intermedia is determined to provide ClickProtect-like functionality and is working to develop a comparable service as soon as possible.  DLP and Email Continuity are currently being evaluated, but are not available at this time.  For customers that want DLP, we recommend using Email Encryption, which offers many of the same capabilities as DLP. Those features include a diverse list of pre-defined policies and actions to encrypt, deny, discard or return the message, which should meet the needs of most customers.


Q:  When should I start selling advanced email security?

A:  Hosted Exchange bundles will default to advanced email security on:

  • December 7th for advisors
  • December 18th for PLRs


Q:  What if I have a customer who still wants McAfee services after December 7th (advisor) or December 18th (PLR)?

A:  If your customer requests McAfee or you have a deal in progress with McAfee after December 7th (advisor) or December 18th (PLR) you can contact your partner sales representative and they can help you provision the account until January 4, 2016.  No accounts will be migrated to McAfee after Jan. 4th.


Note: any customers who are provisioned on McAfee will be required to migrate to advanced email security before the end of 2016.  Customers should be advised of this before they provision on the McAfee platform.


Q:  What if I don’t want to wait until December 18th and want to start provisioning accounts on advanced email security now?

A:  If you don’t want to wait until December 18th you can start to provision new accounts on advanced email security.  To do this, set up the account as you normally would on McAfee and then submit an extended services request, requesting for the account to be setup on AES.  If you have questions please contact your partner sales representative.


Q:  What about my current customers on McAfee?   Will they have to migrate to advanced email security?

A:  Not now, but at some point in 2016, they will need to migrate to advanced email security.  Although McAfee will continue to remain live and reliable throughout 2016, their services will end on January 1,12017.  Intermedia will take appropriate steps to help ensure that all customers have migrated to advanced email security well before the McAfee sunset date.  More information will be provided early next year.


Q:  What about the new Exchange + Office promo bundles? Will they have McAfee or advanced email security?

A:  As of December 18th, there will be two sets of SKUs for the Exchange + Office promo bundle so you can choose between offering McAfee or advanced email security until January 4th.  After January 4th,only advanced email security promo bundles will be available.


Q:  Where do I find advanced email security resources?

A:  Collateral will be available in the partner portal and we will have articles on both McAfee and advanced email security in the knowledge base.


Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A:  Contact your partner sales representative at 888.299.2522


Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.  McAfee is a trademark or registered trademark of McAfee, Inc. in the United States and other countries.  Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 


About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia