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Partners: Intermedia receives J.D. Power certification

We take great pride in delivering a Worry-Free Experience™ to our partners. However, it can be difficult to summarize, in a few words, everything that Worry-Free embodies. Sure, it’s 24/7 phone support. But it also includes so much more, such as a service level agreement tied to less than 26 seconds of unplanned monthly downtime, enterprise-grade security, marketing and sales support, and free expert migrations and onboarding.

Intermedia recognized by J.D. Power and TSIA

Following a thorough evaluation, I’m extremely proud to share that Intermedia has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates and the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) under TSIA’s Rated Outstanding Program and the J.D. Power Certified Assisted Technical Support Program.

This award measures our Worry-Free Experience across the entire organization in two key phases – a survey of customers and partners, as well as a comprehensive audit. Our customer and partner satisfaction scores, as determined by TSIA, ranked among the top 20 percent of the industry, a requirement for receiving this prestigious award.

For nearly 50 years, companies around the world have trusted J.D. Power to generate and gather the consumer insights to illuminate and recognize successful businesses. Ranked a top 10 market research firm by the American Marketing Association, J.D. Power has been capturing and analyzing the Voice of the Customer across more than a dozen industries globally.

Michael Gold, Intermedia CEO, shares his thoughts

I sat down with our CEO, Michael Gold, to get his thoughts on this news and what it means for Intermedia and our partners.

Q: With Intermedia earning the J.D. Power Assisted Technical Support Program Certification – do you have a message you’d like to share?

A: “I am very proud of what this organization has achieved. To date, only one other company has been recognized by J.D. Power in this way, so this is a terrific accomplishment. I’ve always thought of J.D. Power as a company that acknowledges leading products like the top cars and innovative consumer technologies, and now, Intermedia is being recognized as well. J.D. Power takes its certifications very seriously. This award is the result of many years of hard work with constant refinement and improvement. This is a testament to the excellent work by everyone at Intermedia–especially our client services team, who constantly delivers a Worry-Free Experience™ to our customers and partners. Congratulations to everyone!”

Q: What kind of competitive advantage do you see coming from winning this J.D. Power certification? How is this award going to impact our partners?

A: “One of the things that we highlight when selling and marketing our products is our high-quality support. It’s a thread that runs throughout every aspect of the organization. We articulate this commitment by highlighting quality standards such as our industry-leading 99.999% SLA and our approach to partner support with phone support experts and a one-stop shop for all products. But still, quality is hard to quantify as a metric. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) serves as one metric, but each survey respondent measures and defines their experience differently. While NPS is a good metric to use when comparing a business to itself to track improvements over time, it is not an effective measure to use to compare against industry standards. The other metric that we use is our retention rate. How many partners stay with us month after month and year after year. But again, every company measures this differently. Having a highly-respected and trusted third-party organization like J.D. Power award us this certification gives partners and their customers a tangible and very real example of how great our Worry-Free Experience really is. I believe this vote of confidence to be a fantastic selling point.”

Implications for partners

This award bolsters awareness for the fact that together with our partners, we are delivering the highest quality of support. As an Intermedia partner, you can rest easy with the knowledge that the Intermedia services you sell are backed by award-winning support. And not just any award – robust certification from J.D. Power. For our partners who sell under our Advisor and Referral models, this news is definitely a selling point that you should mention in your client interactions.

And how do we support and invest in our partners? From the very first interaction with you, we work hard to make sure you’re successful in selling and delivering Intermedia services. This partner support, available to you at no additional charge, includes:

  • Product/solution education — including access to Intermedia University classes and our Not-for-Resale program
  • Lead generation — including brandable marketing materials and automated marketing campaigns
  • Sales support — including an assigned representative to help you close deals, tools to help sell voice services, HIPAA BAA for healthcare sales
  • Onboarding & migration — expert onboarding by our Cloud Concierge team of experts, our onboarding tool, and file server migration tool
  • Account administration — integrations with Salesforce and ConnectWise, integrated management for users, devices and services, our Voice Tax Engine and Bill Engine to make billing easier
  • Technical support — including expert support by our certified technicians, no “critical issues” standard, vast knowledge base

Learn more our partner program and our Worry-Free Experience

Not an Intermedia partner? You should be. Intermedia enables you to sell cloud business applications without changing how you do business. Our three partnership models are designed to adapt to your different customer needs. You can choose on a case-by-case basis how you want to do business.

  • Private Label — You retain full ownership of billing, branding, bundling and every other element of your customer relationship. We’ll provide white-labeled marketing material and expert sales assistance to help you close the deal. We bill you at wholesale rates and you bill your customer at a price you determine.
  • Advisor — You leverage our brand, billing, and support, but we won’t actively market to your customers. We’ll provide behind-the-scenes sales assistance to help you close the deal and give you one-time and recurring commissions.
  • Referral — We provide high levels of service to the customer in all aspects of the relationship. You pass us the lead, we close the deal and pay you a one-time commission.

Learn more about our award-winning partner program and our Worry-Free Experience by visiting our website. Or call us at 888.299.2522 to speak with one of our experts.


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