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Partners: Boost revenue by bringing regulated industries into the Cloud

I can’t stress it highly enough: as a solution provider, you need to get onboard with the cloud because that’s where everything is headed. If you haven’t moved your business focus to the cloud, now is really the time.

But where to start is the burning question for many solution providers. At Intermedia, we recommend that our partners start with email. It’s the most popular cloud-based app today, which makes it the easiest app to resell and manage. Once you get in the door with email, you have an easier path to sell other apps and consultative services.


Compliance and security: A huge growth opportunity

Many VARs and solution providers I talk to don’t realize it, but compliance- and security-sensitive industries are a prime growth opportunity for cloud adoption. These industries face a unique set of challenges that are perfectly addressed by cloud services.

Financial services: protecting confidential client data and non-public information

Financial services firms are subject to all sorts of governmental regulations: FINRA, GLBA, SEC, SOX, TILA-RESPA, etc. And they are a huge security target because they hold assets and identity/account information for their clients. FINRA recommends a “defense-in-depth” approach to security. That means strong passwords, email encryption, tamper-proof archiving, and addressing the weak points of the system (aka employee training). It’s a profitable mix for VARs and solution providers – a bundled package of security-focused services built around email combined with professional consultative services like employee training and solution setup. 

Healthcare: protecting sensitive patient health information

You’ve heard of HIPAA, I’m sure. How about HITECH and ACA? These regulations and others require healthcare companies to protect patient health information (PHI) at every point in the system, and that applies to cloud services as well. This is so critical because the healthcare industry has been the single largest source of data breaches for the last two years. So far this year, over 10M medical records have been exposed. And because there’s no way to put a “fraud alert” on patient information, that data is worth 20 times more on the black market than credit card numbers. Again, for VARs and MSPs, a smart package of secure tools coupled with consultative services make this market a lucrative one.

Legal services: providing “competent and reasonable measures” to safeguard client information

Law firms can be the weak link for security. To hackers, they are often a backdoor to insider information – earnings, news, mergers and acquisitions, trade information. The ABA has established model rules and best practices that firms should follow to protect client information. And if those firms have clients in the financial and/or healthcare industries, they have to abide by those industry-specific regulations as well. So your ability to provide them with secure email, tamper-proof archiving, encryption and other security-minded solutions and services is the key to building your reputation as a provider that these firms can trust.

Intermedia can help you maximize the potential opportunity

So how do you get started? It starts with the right plan. 

A service plan that’s tailored to regulated industries

We’ve developed a bundle of services designed to meet the needs of each of these industries. Our Security and Compliance plan comprises key services including cloud-based Exchange email, tamper-proof archiving, encryption, identity and access management, enterprise-grade file backup and share, and more. And Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience™ guarantees a level of security, reliability and support that these companies can’t cost-effectively achieve on their own.

Tools to help you close deals

We make it easy for you to resell this bundle by providing marketing and sales support to help you close the deal. We have in-depth training for each of these verticals, campaigns-in-a-box to help you generate more leads, and professional services kits to help you deliver upfront, billable services. Visit the Intermedia partner sales portal to learn more. Look under Industry Solutions for the pre-recorded training webinars and under Campaigns to find industry-specific campaigns-in-a-box.

And of course, if you have any questions, please contact your partner development representative.

About Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing at Intermedia.