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Partner success story: Bay Computing Group differentiates with a team approach

Bay Computing Group is an MSP serving customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in providing cloud services to businesses operating under stringent IT security requirements—businesses like hedge funds and healthcare organizations worried about SEC OCIE examinations or HIPAA regulations.

A team-driven approach

To best serve their customers, Bay Computing provides them with a designated team of people with industry expertise to manage the implementation and ongoing optimization of their technology. It’s an approach that CEO Kirk Harding believes delivers the best customer service:

“We have four or five technicians assigned to a group of clients so they all get to know the client environment, and just as importantly, the people behind the business. If one person happens to be out of office or someone quits, we’ve still got great depth of knowledge when it comes to both their technical environment and their end users.”

A supportive, flexible partner program

When it comes to services, Bay Computing partners with a variety of cloud service providers. But those providers must provide a supportive, flexible partner program, because Bay Computing, like all managed service providers, faces strong competitive pressures around pricing and services.

After researching their options, Bay Computing realized that they needed a service provider who would let them own the customer relationship. As Harding puts it:

“In the end, stickiness always comes down to whoever owns the customer relationship. You have to be in control to head off problems proactively and to show your value—otherwise, they start looking at the pieces of the build and say, ‘Well, why don’t I just do this by myself? Let me solve the puzzle- What do we need you for anyway?’”

Read the full case study to learn how Bay Computing uses Intermedia’s Private Label Reseller partnership model to increase margins and build customer loyalty.

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