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Management and control complexities: Part V of the hidden costs of Exchange providers

In case you missed it: Read Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV of this series.

Last night the power was out at my home. Luckily it wasn’t too cold so we cozied up under the blankets and just went to sleep early.

When the power came back up, all the devices around the house started beeping and blinking. So we moved from the microwave to the baking oven, to the thermostat, to our phones. We adjusted clocks, plugged devices back to the power and made sure the furnace thermostat was set to the right temperature.

At times like these I wish the vision of smart homes would be within the regular folks’ reach. Imagine not having to adjust the microwave clock ever again. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Hidden cost #5: Management and control complexities

Many IT admins can relate to this issue, only they deal with it on a much larger scale. And it’s stressful.

Moving to the cloud is frequently described as the way to achieve peace of mind. However, often IT staff is worried about losing the control they’re used to having over the infrastructure. In addition, they worry about having to manage all the different applications and spending a lot of time provisioning users and staring at a multitude of control panels.

We categorize management and control complexities as hidden costs because of the time that goes into them and the stress levels they induce. Both take away from business productivity.

But there’s a better way to do things. Remember the smart home vision? Well, for IT admins and cloud services management it can be a reality…if they choose the right provider. That provider will enable them to:

  •        Manage users and their devices from a single interface
  •        Delegate to the end user simple tasks like changing passwords and updating personal information
  •        Easily get granular control where it’s needed
  •        Extend control to third-party applications

So don’t settle for complex solutions. Simplify your IT staff’s life by making the right choice for your cloud services.

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