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Lack of efficiency: The hidden costs of Exchange providers, Part 6

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My family is coming over for the holidays! Exciting! But also stressful. Among other things, I have to stock up my fridge. Which is not an easy task: I have to go to Whole Foods for organic meats, then Costco for the rest of the basics, and then the Indian grocery shop so my brother-in-law can cook his specialty dish, and then the downtown bakery for bagels, and then Walgreens for toiletries.

Why can’t I find everything at one place?

Hidden cost #6: Dealing with a different provider for each service

I’m feeling the cost of going shop-to-shop. And at work, your IT admins could be feeling the costs of going from provider-to-provider—each one with a different control panel, a different password, a different help desk, and different billing systems.

Think of all the effort spent on redundant configuration and management. Think of all the time spent onboarding new employees. This is time that could be put towards far more productive uses.

So the next time you’re looking to add a new cloud service, consider the bigger picture. There are providers out there that offer an entire suite of IT services, including:

  • Cloud file storage and sharing
  • A single sign-on solution to improve your security
  • Cloud servers for development/testing purposes
  • Phone services and conference calling
  • Integrated email archiving
  • A management console that integrates all the above services

Insist that all services come bundled into one bill and one support help desk. And start planning for the holidays!

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