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Join us live on Feb. 24 to see SecuriSync’s brand new backup features.

The old ways of backup just aren’t working

We’re all familiar with the concept of file backup. For a long time, most companies used on-site file servers to back up their data. Everyone was working in the office, directly connected to the corporate network. Such a simpler time!

Workers are more mobile now than ever, and companies have to be able to back up data from any device an employee uses. A file server and VPN just won’t cut it. So now many companies are turning to the cloud….

Cloud backup providers like Carbonite, CrashPlan and Mozy can store your files for you. These services have taken the file server to the cloud, but haven’t really gone beyond that.

Sure, you get more storage space than those old servers and the increased security and reliability that an enterprise-class cloud provider offers. But these cloud backup solutions still don’t really address how today’s employees actually use files:

  • Scheduled backups create versioning gaps as files change multiple times during a day.
  • File recovery is slow—a 50GB file set can take 12 hours to download.
  • Per-device pricing raises the cost of protecting users who employ multiple devices.
  • You still need other vendors for sharing files and managing access.

Meet the new SecuriSync — a 2-in-1 backup and file sharing solution

SecuriSync® from Intermedia eliminates the need for separate file backup by adding file sync and share features on top of cloud file backup. SecuriSync stores and protects files in all major folders, similar to Carbonite, Crashplan and Mozy, but makes recovery simpler with the ability to roll back individual files or the entire archive to specific dates and times, down to the minute. Users can collaborate on files from anywhere, on any device, all with enterprise-class security and access control.

When backup meets file sharing, your users work better—and IT management is simpler and less expensive.

Learn more at our upcoming webinar.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how SecuriSync’s brand new features bridge the gap of backup and file sharing to provide a truly comprehensive 2-in-1 solution:

Date: February 24th, 2016

Time: 1pm EST/10am PST, 60 min


Bojan Dusevic – Director of Product
Josh Topal – Product Marketing Manager
Matt Durdella – SecuriSync Specialist

 What you’ll learn:

  • How standard cloud backup compares to 2-in-1 backup and file sharing
  • Why SecuriSync eliminates backup’s weak spots like versioning gaps and lengthy restoration
  • The challenges of a multi-vendor environment for file management, especially when it comes to compliance and eDiscovery
  • How you can save money by replacing two separate solutions with just SecuriSync
  • SecuriSync integration with Office 365 as well as Intermedia’s 30+ services


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