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Is your phone system safe from outages?

Just because your business phone service provider claims 99.9…% uptime and has redundant datacenters, don’t be fooled into thinking you are safe from an outage.

Most VoIP providers these days have architected or purchased pre–built networks that provide high-quality and reliable VoIP service to their customers. This includes redundant network architecture with multiple geographically dispersed datacenters.

And of course, there are real benefits to having more than one datacenter: if you’re located geographically close to a datacenter, you’ll experience better call quality and better overall Quality of Service (QoS) due to lower latency. And if a component of one datacenter fails, or if the provider loses the entire data center, they can reroute all of your voice traffic to the working datacenter so your service will work again.

So why am I saying that isn’t good enough to protect you against an outage? Because having multiple datacenters is only one part of the reliability puzzle.

Automatic failover routing — the true test of reliability

Even a 5- or 10-minute unexpected outage, let alone hours of downtime, while a service provider’s Network and Operations teams reroute traffic from one datacenter to the other and conduct tests to validate everything is working again is completely unacceptable to any business that relies heavily on their phones. Come to think of it, that pretty much covers ALL businesses.

And that’s why AUTOMATIC failover routing is such a key component of a highly reliable cloud voice service. Intermedia’s Voice Cloud is purpose-built to deliver 99.999% uptime. The proprietary technology that makes this possible is our failure-resistant SIP gateway, AKA “Uber Cluster”.

Our “Uber Cluster” brings reliability and redundancy to Intermedia’s Voice Cloud. In the event of a catastrophic incident that causes the network to lose an entire datacenter, Uber Cluster migrates the traffic over to the nearest datacenter instantly. If the network loses a server within a datacenter, traffic will automatically migrate to the nearest active server. In the event of such failure, the maximum customer impact would be a dropped call—as opposed to a lengthy service outage.

To learn more about Intermedia’s Voice Cloud and Uber Cluster, fill out the form below to download our whitepaper, “Not All Voice Clouds are Created Equal”. And of course, you can call us at 800-379-7729 to speak to one of our experts and get a free quote.


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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia