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How TeleSign simplified web application access with AppID Enterprise

Have you ever had to verify your identity when creating an account online? The service asks you to input a mobile number and then it sends you a text with a code you have enter into the registration form. It’s a great method for verifying that you are who you claim to be.

Chances are, that technology was built by TeleSign.

The leader in mobile identity solutions, TeleSign helps secure more than 3.5 billion end-user accounts around the world. TeleSign’s cloud-based APIs and SDKs use real-time global intelligence to help prevent fraud during account registration, usage and recovery. That’s why customers like SalesForce, Dwolla and Evernote use TeleSign to authenticate and protect their users.

Naturally, TeleSign’s own employees use a lot of web applications to perform their day-to-day work. And as TeleSign is a firm believer in the added security value of two-factor authentication (2FA), that means a lot of work for TeleSign’s IT admins to implement 2FA for each web app. That also means a lot of passwords for employees to memorize.

Implementing a robust solution for managing web app access

With all these passwords to remember, employees were often getting locked out and turning to IT for password retrieval. And when they did remember their passwords, it was often because they were using the same password across multiple web applications, which could lead to a compromised account if credentials were stolen. When IT admins weren’t spending time recovering passwords, they were busy provisioning and de-provisioning user accounts for employees. All that password management became a time-consuming, laborious process for both employees and IT.

Kiat Hui, TeleSign’s Global Information Security Director, knew TeleSign needed a customized, single sign-on platform that would enable employees to securely use their web apps while simplifying account management for IT:

“As a Global Information Security Director, I want security settings that are uniform across all applications. It helps ensure our data is protected and streamlines processes for the IT team.”

What they needed was a robust identity and access management (IAM) solution.

Could Intermedia provide the answer? Learn how Intermedia AppID Enterprise brought clarity and security to TeleSign’s web app landscape.

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