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Georgia’s 8th Judicial District administrates justice using SecuriSync

The Eighth Judicial Administrative District is composed of Superior Court judges and senior judges from five judicial circuits across the state of Georgia. And it’s Bob Nadekow’s role as the District Court Administrator to maintain the technology infrastructure that keeps these judicial wheels spinning smoothly.

The Eighth District has trusted Intermedia with their Hosted Exchange email for 7 years, and Nadekow has been very happy with the service. But now the Eighth District needed a better way to share files across the circuit. With judges, law clerks and secretaries as much as 45 miles apart, Nadekow realized that a cloud-based file sync and share solution made the best sense.

securisync legal case study

But Nadekow couldn’t just choose any old cloud-based solution. He needed one that would live up to the unique business needs of a legal environment. “Judges wanted to share files with their secretaries and law clerks, but maybe not amongst other judges,” says Nadekow. “Judges also needed access to their files from anywhere, including in the courtroom.”

And it wasn’t just about accessing and sharing files. Nadekow needed a solution that was highly secure. He couldn’t risk the solution getting hacked, files being lost or passwords getting stolen. Plus, he needed a way to easily revert files or restore deleted documents.

Nadekow needed to make a ruling on what to do for the Eighth District. Would he judge SecuriSync the right solution? Read our case study to find out.

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