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Does your phone system provide failover routing? It should.

A notice went out to Comcast Voice customers about a widespread service outage. Comcast informed their customers that in order to keep receiving phone calls, they would need to call in (and provide their account information) to have Comcast route their calls to a mobile number.

It’s a fix, I’ll admit. But hardly an easy one for customers. While you’re searching around for your account info and calling Comcast customer service, how many phone calls are you missing?

A great benefit of moving your business phone service to the cloud is increased reliability. In fact, from a business continuity perspective, cloud-based phones are an ideal solution to ensuring that your lines of communication stay operational during any kind of disruption. We recently published a report going into detail about the benefits of adding a cloud-based phone system to your business continuity arsenal.

But if your provider doesn’t provide automatic failover routing, it’s not much better than an on-premises phone system.

Automatic failover routing keeps phone calls coming in

Automatic failover routing means that when an outage happens at the local level, your phones are automatically routed to an alternate number – without you having to call into a support line. What’s more, your auto-attendant will answer your calls and route them to the appropriate employee regardless of whether or not everyone is in the office, working from home, or evacuated to an alternative work site. The upshot of all of this is that you never miss a call and your customers, partners, and suppliers are none the wiser that anything is amiss with your phone system.

Intermedia’s cloud phone service has got you covered

Intrigued? Want to know more about cloud-based phones and automatic failover routing? Check out Intermedia’s cloud-based voice service. And feel free to call us at 800-379-7729 to speak to an expert and get a free price quote.

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