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Can you use SecuriSync like an FTP server for content files?


I was talking to a SecuriSync customer the other day. He asked me about embedding SecuriSync links into webpages. Could they use SecuriSync kind of like an FTP server for content files (PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, etc), so that they can publish SecuriSync links to folders or files on an internal or external web page?

I asked the SecuriSync product team. “Absolutely,” they said. “In fact, we do that for internal file sharing on our product sites.”

If you have an intranet site that is used by a group of SecuriSync users, you can post files or folders to your webpages. Just click the “send link” feature using a right-click in the Mac or PC apps, or via the web interface.


As I thought about the question, I realized there are some real benefits to this approach for distributing files:

  • Files are securely stored in the cloud
  • File content can easily be updated without breaking the links on your webpages
  • It’s easy to add or remove documents from folders without breaking the link to the folder

It doesn’t matter if the reader has a SecuriSync account, because you can configure the links to work for anyone who clicks on them. Who needs FTP?

To learn more about sending web links, watch the “file sharing” video here.

About Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing at Intermedia.