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AWS Partners: Exchange email on AWS is easier with Intermedia

Are you an Amazon Web Services® (AWS) partner? Then I’m sure you have AWS customers who would love to get their Exchange email on AWS Cloud. And while customer demand around moving Exchange and vertical-specific applications poses significant opportunities for the channel, you’re well aware that the process can be extremely complex and time consuming. If you’re struggling with how to make these migrations a reality, look no further. Intermedia’s Dedicated Exchange on AWS is the answer.

Intermedia removes pay per usage barriers around Exchange email on AWS

Mid- and large-sized organizations often require customized levels of security, controls, and support. Since most resellers can’t invest in having specialists on staff, the opportunity to profit from this rapidly increasing demand for dedicated cloud implementations can also be elusive. With Dedicated Exchange on AWS, you can outsource data migration to us and rest easy knowing that your customer’s move will be expertly handled in a timely manner…at no extra cost. You’re freed of the challenges of migrating Exchange to the cloud, plus, our per user, per month pricing model lets you set your own margins on AWS Cloud.

I asked our VP of Channel Sales Curt Mark why this is such a great deal for AWS partners. Here’s what he had to say:

“Unless resellers commit to having senior cloud experts on staff, managing these complex migrations can be quite time-consuming, as well as expensive for the partner. Intermedia gives partners the manpower and advanced expertise they need without the management headache. Partners have access to Intermedia’s AWS Certified support staff 24/7. We help more than 6,000 active partners with every aspect of the customer lifecycle. We are pleased to extend this service and support to the AWS partner community as well.”

Curt’s not the only one who sees the value of offloading the heavy lifting to Intermedia. When I asked Felix Yanko, President at Technology & Beyond, for his perspective as an Intermedia partner, he expressed similar sentiments:

“To manage Exchange for our clients, we would need a full team in place. Intermedia eliminates this business challenge for us. By outsourcing the complexities of data migration and management of our client’s single-tenant cloud environments, we are able to achieve faster and more precise deployments. The speed of migration is a huge common concern we hear from companies considering making the switch from on-premises to a dedicated cloud environment. Intermedia has eliminated this factor for us.”

Learn more about Dedicated Exchange on AWS

Visit our website to learn more about Dedicated Exchange on AWS. Feel free to direct any questions to Hank Bartels at [email protected] or give us a call at 800-200-1810.

More about Intermedia’s partner program

Not an Intermedia partner yet? Here’s why you should be:

1. Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud™ enables you to resell more than 30+ essential cloud services, including email, phone systems, backup & file sharing and security solutions. Our services are all mobile, reliable and managed through a single control panel. This helps you reduce overhead and create major efficiencies because you only have one vendor, one bill, one source of support and one place to administer services.

2. You get full control over how you run your cloud business with the flexibility of three different partnership models. And uniquely with Intermedia, you can choose which model you want to sell under on a customer-by-customer basis, depending on what’s best for your business and your customers.

    • Private Label: Retain full customer ownership with control over billing, branding, and margins.
    • Advisor: We handle both billing and technical support and you earn generous commissions over the life of the customer account.
    • Referral: Pass Intermedia leads to close.

3. You get support throughout every aspect of the customer lifecycle. Every Intermedia partner has access to premium marketing support and an assigned sales representative who will work with you to turn leads into sales. And after each sale, Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge™ team will fully handle the migration of your customers to the cloud – ensuring no downtime. Finally, on an ongoing basis, Intermedia provides you (or your customers, depending on which model you select) with 24/7 expert technical support with typical hold times of less than 60 seconds.

To learn more about Intermedia’s award-winning Partner Program, visit

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Intermedia is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and business applications provider hyper-focused on delivering easy-to-use and secure communication and collaboration solutions to SMBs and the partners that serve them. More than 120,000 business customers and 6,600 active partners rely on Intermedia for greater reliability and productivity.