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5 wacky ways we may soon verify our identities

Are your customers tired of passwords? They’re not alone. So many of us are overburdened with passwords that we end up compromising security for the sake of sanity. We take shortcuts — we reuse the same passwords for more than one web app or we choose really simple passwords that are easy to remember. But both of these tendencies open businesses up to hacking.

Of course, we recommend your customers using a single sign-on service like our Intermedia AppID® to help make logins much easier. One password to remember and an easy-to-use portal to access all of their web apps.

Plus, when you add an extra layer of security that two-factor authentication (2FA) provides, which is now available for your partner portal and customer’s end user control panel, you can provide additional security to your customers during login.

But what about the future? Will we always be dealing with passwords? Maybe not….

5 wacky ways we may soon verify our identities

Richard Walters, our SVP of Security Products, wrote an article recently for Entrepreneur that reviews some innovative and frankly, “wacky” ways that we might be using to verify our identity in the future. These ideas focus on the use of biometrics — the physical and behavioral characteristics that are unique to each person.

I won’t spoil the surprise by telling them to you here. You’ll just have to read the full article. But once you do, I think you’ll agree that the future could possibly be password-free.

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